I’d like to thank everybody who continues to read  Bitterman, even though you have to be a little patient between posts. Believe me, there is plenty of other crap to read while you are waiting. Some of you have voiced your interest in me returning to a slightly longer form rather than the micro burst Twitter exclamations and photos… that will come.

Writing for me comes and goes. Often it is the best way to get the devils out of my brain’s bunk, rather than repeating the same conversation with my spiritual guidance councillors over and over again. I forget that there actually be a little interest in what is going on out here and I can do it without trashing the NDA or losing my position.

This tour is just a sketch of the US, primarily in the Northeast where the band is totally strong, a glancing blow to the mid section of Canada, 2 punches to the breadbasket of Chicago and now we have jumped to 4 California dates before returning to St. Paul and the east coast again. We come west to play for the record company and to give the entertainment sector a glimpse of what we’re up to… I suspect we will be back for a more through assault later in the tour.

The air still has a lingering smell of burnt chaparral and missing memories from the devastating fires that have been going on here. Once having been a canyon dweller I know the helplessness of how the winds are in charge and man just does the best he can. One of the Malibu Canyon fires that occurred when I lived out there was arson as well, some warped firefighter who started a blaze for some deep rooted  sex/power/heroic reason I can only slightly begin to understand turned our lives upside down for a few days. I remember watching the fires in Malibu and TO around 1993 with one of the bosses as he saw one of his houses threatened and my only one was as well.

Sadly one of our own out here has experienced loss this time as our production manager Stip lost his home and had to see it happen long distance from the road, not knowing what was happening until his neighbors sent him photos of his foundation. The shock in his eyes was a hard thing to see; we as a group will find someway to help, a way to put an effort as he rebuilds.

So since we last blathered, we experienced the great bio-diesel fracas (99% palm oil north of the border… NFG), a relatively easy MSG stay (no room to swing a cat in the wings though), the wireless hell that is Chicago, the wireless hell that is Oakland and now we find ourselves in LA for two shows at the Sports Arena as is sounds more rock than the new place…

More to come, out the door…