It’s so remarkable
How finding things thought foreign
Comfort, ease, trust , love
In plain sight
And the fear that’s generated
That your eyes have never worked too well
Discovering that the big mystery about your needs
Involves honesty without posturing
Not being afraid of having your own opinion
When things are too sweet to your taste
Feeling a touch against your cheek
And finding love staring at you
Wanting to share rather than feeling it’s polite or your job
Finding the power of your hands is not the problem
Looking to see and caring
Hearing your voice mutter thank you, thank you, thank you
Wondering why the powerful subtlety never visited you before
Waking grateful and not being lost in a dream
Do other people feel like this, their soul fed, the screaming “gimmies”     silenced?
Suddenly “‘till the end of time” doesn’t seem so long anymore.