9-13-92 A Part Of


A Part Of

To stand within
Such a field of desire
Excessively tribal youths spinning
Falling,burning with a passion for escape and acceptance

To belong;

Under the burning eye of the sun
We are all of the same clay
What makes us different from the rest
Equalizes and shapes us for a day
Into one neurotic organism of need.

That which society is unable to offer
We shall create
What the community has diluted
We have reconstituted
God,meet Goddess
It has been too long…

They gather to the flame
The polarity spins clockwise,always clockwise
Boundaries set,broken,reset
Do they know of their past?

Some see the pattern
Few draw the conclusion
Fewer yet collect the fees

(living in a capitalistic spiritual sinkhole has its advantages)

Where so many need to be
a part of