Another wordless summer
My will to create either replaced by the listing gene
My little brain cataloged with case numbers,
Data for day sheets
Crammed full as a fly case and just as easy to carry around
I’ve written this way before
Flushing details away so that I can feel and see again
To discuss things that really piss me off or make me cry
Same thing really

I unpacked my house and set it up
Like a playset missing pieces
“Barbie’s Platonic Bachelor Friend’s Hideaway”…
My heart and my dreams lost in the move
Hand’s blackened from newsprint, no news is…
Show towels and a broken bed without a good story
To go with it

Then I look out my window and thank my lucky clouds
I have a home, devoid of personal history
But sometimes I hear the whispers of two tenants back
There is life here
The cartoon cat, lizards and the valley’s namesake
I could stay here, never leave, wait for visitors
All the same mistakes
I smile as the art fits and the dishes drain
I make my bed because I like the look of it
I pray thanks for the alignment of the elements
That made this happen
And dream of clear lacquered pine from Ikea
This is all very strange and very welcome
I’m glad to be home.