6-13-94 bubble

Where does it come from, the chill of mystery anger
When other people’s lives go on
And you’re missing in action
The mistakes you decided away and others hold the torch
And there’s this trickle of envy bubbling between my teeth

What’s up with that?

Now to have the help with strength to hear the warning gong
See the gale force flags blowing violently ’round my head
And not act


Begrudge the progress that has been bequeathed me?
Lash out at the reprieve for choosing wisely?
Ungrateful for another chance to do the right thing?

This lonely road resented when the passage is bright and clear
The option unequivocal in these stubborn, little eyes
Old ways must fall by the wayside as familiar as they are
And I must find love another way

Less chronic, with the fear of unknown means
Whispering to me from the dark
New sounds, new words, new actions, new feelings
Less anger, more trust
Less torpedoes, more earth
Less comfort, more learning
Lest love, more Love.