11-19-95 “Dammit Jim!”


Onward, ever onward
The voice of a Scottish angel
Dances above the detours
Flying feet from the icy elevations

You know I like the cold
I’ve hidden there, matching my skin
With my heart
If life is warmth, I’ve reclined smiling
With death
Colder, colder still the chant
’till sleep comes and I can be
Truly selfish

The retreat is merely thermal
This year has driven by
Guardrails and ditches
Gravel and sand
The rain like Chinese hammers
Snow indifferent, waits to drift
Life no longer passes by
As I do

With love, the horizon matters
Focus unimportant
When a wash floods through the grey clouds
Touching only the exposed
Which in perspective,
Is all.

I work in darkness
And live in light
The miracle travels with me
And awaits my every turn
Time changes and gives me morning
Where I find the words
The angel bows
The road bends south
An ancient river
Hold me close.