Train, England

I’ve been one to say time and again
“Never get off the boat”
As if hiding tigers would rush me in urban jungles
The sweet pulp of mangos never worth the risk
But friendship is

In the dark cool night, switching trains
A strange man in a strange land
All to spend some moments ‘round a kitchen table
With two men who I was thrown together with
by chance, an adventure shared in stranger places
than these, friendships built in shared work glories
Memory that serves us all well, so much changes
Yet we still find the time to find the numbers
Make the call, share rare minutes, laugh and wonder

A mill built across a river, pikes and eels
by floodlight, daylight would serve this place better
Heroes hunched over staff paper, earning their keep
Tea cups empty, the hour grows late
No punt in the murky water, calling a cab

The train attempts to pull me back on the boat
The emotional, responsible, no fun- all business boat
That sails tomorrow, where trials are stood
And the coffers fill, shillings of survival
The train will pull into it’s final stop
And a bus will wait for a while

Then the bags heavy can rest, home set up
Back on the boat…I hope I can reach
for more, fill more than my pockets
Keep my heart full, my book fueled, my soul
nourished, the river in my mind flowing along.