The trick is to go the wrong way
And to go way too far
At least as being stuck in a business hotel
That smells of financial death and looks like
the definition of a bad decision
Donít trust your eyes or your friends

Follow an old couple walking
Their range might surprise you
The trees show signs of life
And flowers defy the sidewalk
Where there are apartments
There should be food
Then a school, a park, a metro station
Even the bleakest Sunday
You could find an open restaurant
And a friendly face

Yup, you could stay in your room
And watch Jackie Chan in Spanish
Or smile two old men silent on a bench
Polish dramas can be pretty bad even with sub titles
Can it compete with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes with
a little olive oil?
If you donít leave the room how can you be reminded
that a childís posture is all about comfort and nothing
about someone elseís perception?

The sun wanders off and the air cools
The street now fills with people
Not far from the desert island is a world
You never would have found
If you didnít choose the wrong way.