What is hope really?
Is it the rumor of things about to go right,
an answered prayer, a momentary reprieve
of things that overwhelm, a cat’s purr validating attention,
a smile from your lover as she falls asleep,
a plant that doesn’t seem to die, a melody
that brings tears of non existent words,
a collection of existing words that go far beyond
the lips of the speaker, a fence still standing, a wall
that crumbles, a job, a friend, a life?

What is fear really?
Is it a window to the future, an illusion, a phone call
that never comes, a need to destroy everything good within
the fragile shell of self, a thief who cares nothing about
your life, an old car that does old car things, a missing entry
on a ledger, the part of yourself that you hate the most
and know the best, the treachery of your own skin, death
to what you know and love, the unknown’s way of keeping you
on your toes, A yard stick better left in the garage, Two hands
holding a slippery jewel, a demon self within us all, the past,
the present, a security blanket, a locked door which denies
all possibilities, a simple emotion which has it’s place but takes over
the whole house, a dark day on the path of our lives?

What is acceptance?
The answer.