Mexico City

The false coldness of a flame
This earth below me was once a lake
What do we do with the darkness
Beyond the darkness
When the first light whispers home?

We hold on to love ‘till sleep comes readily
And breathe the tainted air, thin and poison
Dreaming awake, feeling the power of a kiss
Quieting the mind of traffic jams and ballads
Leaving promise and a new day already begun

The heat of recent memory presses down
Pulling me closer than the miles now allow
The lamp dead, the sun still beyond reach
The sunlight of the spirit lights the page

Prayers spoken, birds ignore me
The sun and moon live in cooling tile
My heart is open, the day might already be over
As English laughing floats behind a door

But sometimes words take time to jump
From between grass blades and concrete
And even longer to find a home
On this now sleepy page.