I Hate Where I Live (part 1)

Every and all things
Have instincts for shelter
To call this place home
A notch to drop anchor,
The nest to return to,
The hole to hide in.

As I return from someone elses
Iím aware that I hate my own…
Entering the landing pattern I prepare
The roads crumble and slash at my feet
Fear lurks behind every shutter and bar
The unfortunate many forward cardboard pleas
At every single set of lights
I can see the writing on the wall…

Parking between trash and signs of auto violation
Shackle,lock and pray
Itís hard to smile when your personal zone
Is fragile storage filled with ancient air
Storage without boxes and disassembly
Storage without life and a sense of home
When the thought of coveting eyes precludes
A need for a breeze and sunlight;

I see my office,bedroom,living room,den
Dining room,storage,library and less
Without having to turn my head
My priorities have finally changed
I can no longer re-rearrange
This place I can no longer call