Mexico City

A winter sunset over the park
The mountains fight the clouds and smog
The latter granting the sun rich, unreal color
Creamsicle orange, common to Los Angeles
Unknown to me here though this will be a long stay

The lights of the amusement park twinkle
The lush green of Chapultepec hides danger
For this is a dangerous city and now, more so
My people do not wish us even to cross the street to work
On foot, you wouldn’t think this place
Would be worse than those south

And yet, I watch the sunset with the echoes of a danzón and
A pane of unopening glass between me and the landscape
Me here, you there, my heart in both places
The sun setting over you as well
Me never so far away as this moment
Perhaps you will see this sunset
And think of me
Above the dangerous grass
Thinking of you.