12-28-90 Waiting For The Storm


Today you’d never think it was coming
Golden crossarms on the floor
Ignore the chill in the air,
It’s winter after all.

The others buckle and batten
Hatches,coats and pantries
The white linen of yesterday has given way
To matted soaking grass and saturated concrete
All I see is canine eyes ablaze
With glowing trust,so glad
Today is not like every other.

The others refuse
To be caught with their snowpants down
As I read four different books
My thoughts start to scatter
The impending squall ahead
Talk of snow,hail,quantity,preparation
How can I prepare for horizons dead ahead?

The light shifts,snowcloud thinks it’s a tornado
Filthy sock shoved in my hand again and again
Puppy breath patterns begin to subside
The calm before the storm…

Flash flood of emotion reported
Before a single flake of fluff finds out
That the ground is ready,children are waiting
The chains are on this time.

Oh,to let go of the fair weather of the past
Even if the forecast is brighter than it ever was
To lose everything just to have
The sunny day well remembered
To be a memory ever still.

To see fine art you must know true pain
Contrast heightens appreciation
Appreciation only relative
The storm hits…

Not like the last one
Never like the last one
My heart taut against my chest
Spirit moving me along
Can I try not to rule
The very weather of our time?