1-22-92 Capetown Sunset

Capetown,South Africa

And here we are,the end of the road
The end of the earth
Why beauty always seems unreal
Why having come so far reminds me
Of so many other places
So many other times
They all come to mind,hungry
I smile as each one looks in my eyes…

Cut out,paste up collage I would not have made
A blink of Diamond Head
A tease of Northern Cal
Rio and even Jersey touch upon my growing view
As if my mind pulled that theoretical continent
Together only for my own sake
Roll over,memories of Woodside,cloud bank captivates
The sunset I seek hides in the wrong direction
Behind the frontal fence that takes me
Back between the memories and fear
Take out your palette and Crayolas
You’ll never get this one right…

Satiated,I turn and walk among the unexpected
The golden dogs and sweating feet
The elders receiving their solar payoff
The gay boy’s secrets and poolside glances
Lovers,hopefuls,children skating
The world lights up on a housekeeper’s uniform
Impossible peach electric
I peek over my shoulder like a naughty boy
Told not to look,the lure of nudity too strong
The sky peeling off new colors
And I’m waiting for that one
By not looking I see it’s effect
On everything.

Fuck Christmas day,I want to spoil the surprise
This is a challenge,how will I know exactly


I like this game!

Each step holds many words
Can I reach paper and pen fast enough?


Now the fence looks like a line I drew in a hurry
Black below,above,that wicked purple
Catholic violet perhaps
This collaboration is over and another begins:

Divine words live offshore on every continent
Waiting for eyes so they can speak
A human touch of imperfection

No film is accurate…so what
No phrase is true…so what
No metaphor is universal…so what

Man needs to interpret
Because he has to
Even if no one is listening;

It’s not a choice.