5-16-97 jet lag productivity


Body turned inside out
It’s clock running backwards
So sad that this is the only time
I experience a full day
Coffee leads to walking…

The canal gently curves
More worried by silent bicycles
Than of cars and trucks

They ride through buildings
Stirring pigeon from their gathering
Over curbs and by skateboard ramps
Painted in the international language of the spray can
Children and workmen
Women in track suits and office clothes
Gears clicking and spinning around traffic lights
And trolleys

The park buzzes with riders and pedestrians
A little girl tickles herself with a feather
As she waits for the light to change
Wrapped up in the feeling of it
Against her naked neck

Up too early I return to wait and meditate
To count my blessings and clear my mind
Before I fill it with art and Amsterdam

To say good-bye to friends and fears
To live this day in the moment
To walk this city with new feet
To see it for another first time.