6-5-93 latch

London, Ontario


The dulling of attraction by shadows past
A duality of a preserving nature
The pull down old paths through fresh cut grass
The taste of gasoline serves as a warning
Of things flammable and stones being spit
The comfort of repeated mistakes

Yes, you are a different person, not a duplicate
Your unknown history full of sad packages
And smiling lights
I only create what I want and fear from both of us
An exercise I’ve been repeating with all of you
Knowing much less than when I knew it all before

My conjecture of your touch and your rejection
Along with feelings that I might not share or return
In the darkness I see so much clearer the unlit
Amused solitude creates and destroys silently
Only so many times in an hour

So what if I see another face from time to time
It’s not fair to either of us
Carry on unhindered the knowledge not yours
Of my frequent attachments
And perhaps my ghosts banished, my eyes seeing
What is really before me, another soul
That need no other to be complete.