Lordsburg, NM

Live Oak, I admire your ability
To survive the Texas sun
The reptilian bark and tight tiny leaves
Spread a canopy of relief
Across the arid scrub, you and your brothers,
Strong survivors of the wind and rain
But still with an esthetic balance
Not found in other mutant desert plants
At home in a yard or beside a dirt road
Slow, steady and quiet.

Live Oak, Iíd just about given up on you
I figured the earth out front was bad
To reject two trees
But you didnít† have the veil of butterflies
The other one did
And we didnít lose faith
The odd summer rain came and still you were silent
As the man who brought you here
Lay in bed, his heart disturbed
I left my home, my family and you for a while

It was only a week ago when the world changed
And it seemed that getting close to her
Would take forever
That hope was gone and fear
Was here to stay
I filled my mind and socks with grass clippings
And noticed new pinches of leaves
In September no less
Coming from your youthful arms

I canít tell you why this gave me back
Some of my faith that day
But this is a note to say thank you and
Live Oak, I admire you.