I Hate Where I Live (part 3)
(We’re Havin’ a Curfew…Everybody’s swingin’)

Three nights and a whisper
Three nights at home
Quiet sounds of the unknown roar on
While I defend what I have disavowed

Today I wandered out to the places I knew
And was welcomed by plywood and closed signs
The Guard stood still in front of Carl’s Jr.
Defending the new Turkey Club Sandwich
The traffic stopped while 8 units searched 3 little boys
The burger joints were open
“‘cause ‘hos got to eat too!”

Load up people,buy that food
Tonight we’re doing time at home…
A cell with locks on the inside
Cabin fever edict until further notice
I’d climb the walls if they led somewhere.

Yet the whisper heard of more to come
Keeps us all behind the door
Random terror of quantum importance
Falls like ash from a smoldering fire
No one is immune from fallout like this
So the home I hate is the place I stay.