highway between Austria and Italy

dude band part 2
( in search of a day off)

Six days in a row
And all our true colors
Tend to show
The pacing of the seasoned elders
The droop of inexperience
Those with long days show more miles
As backs tighten before the load straps

Snips and quips begin to mount
The targets glow and bluster
Even the biggest smiles are tested
When lessons learned are forgotten

This time I lived through Eraserhead
Raving above Hitler’s U-boat ghosts
Staircases grew and lifts shrank
Cobblestones, sand and blood littered
The places bright colored tape always finds
Day counters count
Rushers rush
Until the next hotel room finds us
Naked with a phone
Holding on
To a calendar that drags
Like our asses tonight

We’ll catch our breath, shave and change
Learn the truth of grounds and plans
The south awaits like an approaching headache
That a 10 pound aspirin would only dent
And over it will be
With or without fun.