3-6-93 saved from the sun by the moon


saved from the sun by the moon

From a young age I was told
Never stare at the sun
That it would burn away my corneas
That my vision would come undone

Curious we all are at the heat it gives
As if a truth could be found there
It emanates life as the shadows shift
And the danger of solar flare

Now the sun reflects off all I see
From dawn to twilight’s departing hue
But as I write in this fragile night
The brightest beam mirrors off of you

When I look into your face
I feel the burn of warning words
The pleasant pain of unrequited vision
The sorrow of reflective sources
Generating enough light to blind myself

The moon mellows the rays some
Framed by the branches of a forest tributary
It’s truth the other side of the same coin
Icy light lowers the visual temp
Creating snow banks that do not exist

I sit burning cold
Knowing what I will not accept
Willing to go blind today
Just in order to see
The moon says let go now
And I don’t want to listen

stubborn, I cast my eyes downward
Hoping my feet are the ground.