Now I belong
I’ve seen my name on the paperwork
Felt the pride and the fear
And realize that it’s what you make it
The walls can be painted any color
That dreams can come true
Money, the list, the list
The list grows and nothing stops
You from putting a plant in the backyard,
Wanting the grass to be green,
The ants from looking for water.

I felt the grass between my toes tonight
The only cool thing in this August heat
Held my friend close and said
“This is ours, look at it!”
As usual, no reply but purring and
A grinding of his head against my shoulder.

The white picket fence dream:
Time to buy stock in Home Depot, Lowes and HGTV
Before I spend all my time and money on their retail side…

A sculptor can sometimes see
the finished product in a block of stone
A composer can sometimes hear
The arrangement complete before touching the paper
Developers filled this empty field
With a neighborhood
I see rebel flashing needing discipline
Before the first hammering rain
I see chips in molding that someone else put there
I see a dream beginning, a lifetime
Painting and pruning

May God watch over us one and all
Keep our homes safe and comfortable
And the lawn green, edged and blown
We’ll do the footwork or pay someone who knows better

God bless our happy home.