To wake up with hope and empathy
My mind slow but open
To understand fear
It seems to be an advantage
Rare clarity in a life complex
But somehow it seems out of sync

As I wake I realize that not everyone feels
The way I do in this moment
A pang of guilt, old behavior
The need to fit in
In a place where I am one
Refocus, caffinate, reassess
No, I was right the first time
Fear is fear
And the true enemy
Is “contempt prior to investigation”

Perhaps what worries me
In these times that my generation has never seen
Is that intelligent, caring people
Will allow the many layers of fear
To throw away the gains of their education
To avoid any further loss

This is insanity, sadness without vision, a sign of human nature
and unfortunately unavoidable.

Today I choose not to play
This game of fear
Today I will try to bring hope and possibility
Not only into my own life
But perhaps others

Today I will be human
And not act human.