a park in Long Island

You just donít know about these things
The closure of another trip
Words not filling the page, a precursor
To the end of a chapter…

My time tells me that there will be those
I will never see again, forget their last names,
Struggle to identify in long misplaced photos
Thatís just the way this life is

But this one seems different
In that it could be the last chapter in a sad book
The time comes

We are so used to moving to other stories
And coming back to this one
Will we miss the binding, the weight of this volume,
The way this chapter made us feel,
The places it didnít take us?

The words that escape my mouth are often harsh,
Cruel and unfair. my thought dark and self damaging
So easy to filter even a pure moment
Into a final judgment
so much a defect of mine, recognized, understood,
Picked up again and again

But beyond my own black magnifying glass
Lays someone more unhappy, more lost than I
I will save my pity and pray that peace will find him
And bring him true quiet
For this story neednít end here
Allow us to clear away the flotsam from our hearts
And love again.