Why does the razor sharp tip of a
faded cresent moon finally drip ink again
on this empty page?

So long, I fear that my emotions deserve
A page each for full irrigation
And Iíll be lucky if I donít jump
like a barefoot boy on melting asphalt
Line to line, word to word.

I feel trapped between the infinity
of youngsters and the precious wasteless
words of an elder, making sure that heís captured
his world the best he can as time runs out
on his life…

(With everything on my mind and nothing
to say and no time to really find the
words to say it gracefully…)

The abnormal sky comforts me
As the heavy air drags me down
Thunderheads in the valley make as much sense
As palmtrees in Vermont
But here the thunder rolls forever
No silence between the savage one hand claps
This desert comes to life until the sun
Removes this pittance, this teased offering
The earth of the hillside seems alive…

Insects spring from my walls and watch TV
I leave them there to watch the house
While I collect coffee drinks and bagels
for the clients; then I return home
and kill as many of them as possible.

Oh, this life of faith and gratitude
is remarkable; this time on earth is most rewarding.
Iíve found challenges without cheat guides
And love beyond compare

Security and losses without proper time
To blow out of proportion or analize
Now to bring the simplicity of a selfish life forward
And share, time, love, more time…

Somehow Iíll have to find a way
To hang my necklace every night
So as not to poke my love in the nose
As we share our bed together…