10-22-91 Home, Dream, Time, Release

Returning from the unknown
Ciphers cracked,crushed,forgotten
All new territory for me
Inverted twist on the known
Grim trucks look serious
Like from a child’s eye,nightmare reshaped,
Feeling wheels crush my ribs
Dry twigs,powdered,old fears live
On a street I’ve never been
And yet…

Fear sleeps,the scales level for a moment
The comforts,language,people
Hold me close,the wandering child
I feel worlds away…

I am world’s away,thrust into tomorrow
A page from a calender as an advance
“Count your days and sign here please”
Having to reach into yesterday
Where they relive the past
As I stand still in the future

Beautiful metaphors allude me this early
In tomorrow’s morning dark hold
Camomile swirls through my head
Visions of hot tea and glistening flesh
I feel strength in my weakness
Knowledge in the awareness of my ignorance
The sound of great words coming in the silence
(Even if the lamp is a Chunky bar with a tofu torso)
My will yet unpacked,not cluttering the room
My life,my night,my day,my will

Without the fragile installation to skirt around

The room arranges itself as it would be
Interior design where all is obvious,ironic,poetic
Fashion sense loses out to common sense
Sparse furnishings I begin to prefer
The great fire wakes as I pull back the sheets
My able heart began to move
I look at the room;no mistakes,no wishing away the dark
It belongs.