It was just another hot August morning
A Saturday in Texas
And it was like driving through the middle
Of a hair dryer on high

An author on Public radio had a name
So close to yours
My mind unraveled in traffic, memories,

Hot football fields, two boys
Who knew of loss before playing
Two losing seasons
Who knew of heart before love

We shared cocktails and growing pains
And traveled separate dark paths
A lifelong friendship crippled by no contact
We saw each other on the other side
For a moment, adult jobs and still a childís pain

I wondered where you were for the first time in so very long
How you felt, if you had found some peace

My left foot beside your right foot
The taste of mint and plastic returned
To my mouth
Then Jack Daniels in a tea cup
I was wearing a gray wig
Missed lines, missed pages, missed friends

Last week I drove by where I last saw you
The expensive city
And wondered why I hadnít tried
To find you and you me

So much has changed
Weíre older and the wounds donít show so much
Iíve been praying for days that peace has found you
That perhaps youíve found even a small part of the joy
That has been gifted to me

Nearly twenty years has passed
Some people havenít been able to take
An evening walk for that long
I sure hope you have
Did you know youíll always be my friend
Where ever you are?