10-21-92 Awakened

Agoura Hills


To be awakened by a delicate sound
Known, yet new
Freshly suspect
Pausing to listen to what the rain sounds like here
The touch on the roof,its breath on the leaves
Comparative tuning with known precipitive keys
How it differs from a drenching in New England maples
Or the steady hiss in a tropical glen
The combative assault in a non-porous city
The artificial wash of highrise glass

To wait for an escalation in natural terms
Where the water drains first,where it gathers and sits
Inquisitive mist follows Bulldogs descent
The local hounds fall silent,their world alive and wet
To remember the forgotten,Californian trust spoiled
Unexpected it came,unprepared I remain

A first time for weather in a new higher ground
To be awakened by a delicate sound.