1-23-93 Inauguration

1/21+ 23/93


I came east into chaos willingly
To help celebrate a change of people and promises
Eyebrow raised, mercenary posture
I wandered into the white folds of the mall
And was welcomed by the hope of common men and women

Never has such positive energy surrounded me
Infectious, it drew the people out and down
Thru the cold to share and explore
Each other

As the moment neared another shadow whispered
Older, unkinder, ungentler
A voice that has spoken through my father
And through myself
It’s underhanded breath sneering
“Nothing’s changed, here’s your proof, put your faith aside”
The flawless execution of theater
By two who gave me a sense of humanity, flaws
and other things

I want to cradle that faith against me
Let the voices fall upon my deaf ear
Keep the hope of sunrises and drying earth
Near the fragile balance my path allows me
Close to both my heart and eyes

Not in the form of promises to shake when broken
Or boughs to be placed on the next raging pyre
To have some change that is
not in response to cardboard pleas
This is not an unwelcome feeling
As this time.