I’ve been in
Looking at the same decor
A chair loses it’s lusture
When purchased in dozens


Hang from everything
Trash can is always in the same place
But I don’t have to look in the mirror
If I don’t want to
It hurts more than what’s behind
Curtain number one

So far in

When I’m smaller than dust
Only then did I come out
Neuro-peptide waves cast words on the sand,
This paper,from local shores
From the other side of the line of reason
No outer credit without inner credit
This time

Between the lines,pixels,cracks,dendrites
Lies questions that stop questions
No need for answers
When bathed in the light of perspective
A need for picnics,beaches,blazing sun, shameless hours,smiles             for
Rests easily at the feet
These feet that have stepped forward
Across twenty four borders
Countless thresholds,cableruns
Such grand intelligence strokes bold
That my little thoughts that bind me
Put forth vision I have no right to compare
In that I am a doing,a being
Who looks only at limitations set
By my own hand

The same hand of miracle that
Writes,strokes,opens closes,holds on
My thoughts
Our miracle
One life
The miracle,in and of,
In all.