I have no sense
Of when the planets align
When the sun is to be hidden
And the ancient fear casts a shadow

Returning home
Full of hope and nostalgia
Only to be grounded
By ineptitude of European proportions
The shame of my backyard’s lack of preparedness
Not yet up to speed, perhaps never
Its hidden charm lost on my companions
I vow  that someday this will change
Even if I have to get involved

The three now four
Time has been cruel, but forgiving
The men feel emotions that are overpowering
Defy their verbose nature
And humble even the most sturdy
Thirteen years without each others warmth
Under the heavy beams of my childhood
The first time with six clear eyes
And joined by another generation

Following the path of a rogue tornado
The forest in a pile
The hillsides having a bad hair day
My memories can now not be verified
The geography shorn by the wind
My brother and I follow its path
Quietly placing our memories along side
A quick escape before dinner
No evil plans this time

The smiles of fathers
Brought to them by sons
Nothing in the way
Of nature’s more gentle weather
As stars align and point me away
The tears fall aimlessly
For I know not what I feel

But at least I can feel it
Perhaps some things that appear blown apart
Are never really destroyed
Just changed by forces beyond my reach
Like the sun appearing from behind the moon.