airborne over Arizona

Itís not all doom and escape today
I just have to jettison that stuff
To protect the other passengers
In certain ways I feel better and more full of hope
Than I ever have

Like a plant left for dead in the winter
Blooming again, defying what was thought but not nature
Just having enough to survive and flourish again
Hope and faith are wonderful, but without the ability to survive
Time and again, where would I be?

I have defied the odds and common sense
I have never been left for real want
I have received gifts and challenges beyond compare
I am one of Godís children and, God willing,
I have an incredible future still ahead of me

To share with the world and the people around me
I am here for a reason
It doesnít have to be remarkable, but it could be
I know love, I know loss, I know the difference
What more could a mere man really need?