3-26-95 dude band part 1

on the sea, Stockholm- Helsinki

dude band part 1
(a double portion of amnesia, please)

And my view of the world
Is very much like the one from my cabin
A wrinkled attempt of curtains
Covering a paneled wall
The grind remains the grind
The feeling of accomplishment now
The thanks of a breakage-free day
Even a minor crisis is janitorial, no longer as personal

But is this a Cohen-esqe gloom
Not by any means
I do my time and wonder
Of a life beyond this

The gallery checks in
I learn of babies, weddings and pending divorces
Geographic surgery and emotional clear cutting
And silence from those too close to the grind
For their lives do go on as mine continues on hold

Grasping for smaller things to believe in
Fraternal bonds, financial bonds
While others batter the environment
more out of shape than it already is
Some believe I was born for this trip
I quietly hide that I have

too much heart for this,
too much love for this,
too much self respect for this.

Dress me all in black, send my paycheck home