(ghost of a madman across the water)

Time passed like a stack of half read magazines
Stacked in a basket overflowing against the window ledge
The day was too much like a car commercial
Sun filled every corner, the water from central casting
I couldnít have requested the breeze any better
For the day, we all knew we were boned on the load out
I paused to look across the channel
Over there was the past, dark, muttering, cold burns on my leg
Probably a mile away, actually close to five years gone
Both feet on the ground, eyes clear, chin up
Then, I wore the carpet for clothes, eyes crossed, tears

Called a God shot, a geographic moment
So much further from that last day than it looked
I stood here, the memory swirled there
Time was a second, eternity, all at once
Smiling, the rocks bit at me and told me that this is the present
All the mornings that Iíve waked convinced
That I was wrong, the time had not passed
Nothing had changed
Were gone.

Five years is so long for a young man
Shorter for one my age
A blink for my future self
And having the moment, then, now
Is the progress that Iíve walked to
In the past two and a half million minutes
Disbelief, thanks, laughs roll over me
Glad to be here.