Mas café

The walk back is now further
But the view from the battlements was worth it
To stand in the unfinished circle
With the wind surrounding me

Another bay, into the back streets
away from the traffic
The alleys with suspicious cats
And one who’s pretty sure he can take you

I know nothing of my surroundings
Here, there, pretty much everywhere I go
Could I be happy here?
Could I be happy anywhere?

These moments wandering in the unknown are peace,
Perhaps negligent, perhaps necessary,
They honor all that I love
And make them even more precious

The solitude of a poet walking, listening,
A foreigner everywhere I go,
Who dies inside to fit in and never will

That being said, there is more peace;
The strange acceptance of my place
Beneath the sun and moon, often blind of the stars,
Held by the wind yet looking for air,
Walking the earth and looking for a place to land;

Is this all men’s destiny or just mine?
I’ll never know unless I ask.