5-27-97 you rock!

rolling in France

I take time to remember all the things that help me love you more
Your voice that gets more Texan when you feel passion in your life
Your words that seem so obvious when my brain just passes them by
Your smell that changes with the sun
Your hair draped across a fresh pillowcase
Your legs wedged between mine
Your breath tickling my chest hair
Your eyes calling bullshit on me
Your heart seeking me out
And opening like a thousand pedal rose
Your lips, your lips…
Your arms fierce and supple
Ears listening and learning
Working hands that still know fun
The tremble of your lower belly
Beneath my mouth
Courageous feet that brought you to me
Your God that sounds like mine
A laugh that holds smiles for all
I could go on
But my pen would only speculate upon
The things I hope I have the chance to learn
About you
Let me now sleep
Perhaps I will dream of what I know
And what I’ve yet to experience
Of you.