4-12-97 big time

Outside the ring of hummingbirds
Where some fly and others question
She waits for a lost masseuse
The sun falls like sweat from a building
Warm water jumps from my scalp
Imitating mist on a windshield from a cloudless sky
I still can’t find the place
I don’t have directions to
I must have given up, I’m still smiling
The sad, sweet song can’t hide the fact
That the sculptor used simple technique
While working on a grand scale
The burnt bushes have no biblical message left
And belong under a blond wig in a cancer ward
My shoelaces want me dead
I’ll do you no favors tonight
Put all my change in one pile
Shallow pockets betray me
She made a promise I hope she doesn’t keep
And yet I still will honor it
All questions answered
The hummingbirds leave
And the wind feels like confetti falling from a crescent moon.