6-25-91 Czech Insect


Per chance to look upon the night
Street sounds not accountable to be
Quiet river says not a word
Yet still I must look and listen
A window with limits two screws hold fast
For safety and lower rates I’d guess…

The camera’s eye just barely fits
Earlier I’d found out;
To extend my range I’d have to break
A spider web or two
They stayed intact,the window open
Half a day walked by
Now I return to find complete
Web,trap and keeper,silent street
A roommate hunting,waiting still
Behind the whispering curtain.

Some dream of and fear my welcome company
As he moves like a windy speaker cone
When trying to close out window wise
Find it will destroy his art
Gently window returns to place
I won’t disturb him now.

A tangled web we weave it’s true
Symmetry we never learned
My friend rigged his in just one day
Another lesson I need take heed
We both build art as we breathe.

Old webs can break and still we live
New ones catch the day
As a trolley flashes lightning my way
I see him waiting there
Perhaps he’ll catch more later
While I catch some sleep of my own.