I need just a moment
To gather my thoughts before they run away
Like fearless children in a crowded place
Playing overtures to the sharp and dangerous
And though my path is unmarked
I feel that right now it is clear of
Self imposed road blocks and unmanageable hurdles

These are the days of slender living
In a somewhat obese world
Where doing the right thing has no place
Next to the self’s need for what it wants
Waiting for the wanted creates friction
Walking calmly into the unknown is the thing
To do, going against the knee jerks and tickles
That make the mind a battlefield

All the same, never surprised by the rug
Pulled out from underfoot, not pessimism
Just a student of history once written
The choice of a life where plainly presented
A way of logic and loyalty can lose
To a way of want and money

And a smile of accepted guilt
That I myself am a victim of
A value my ego knows well
And why these defective characters
Should ever disappoint me
Knowing well what creature sits behind
The wheel, turning left in a tightening circle
Without a turn signal on
Just another dog chasing his tail
Welcoming dizziness like a drug.