4-1-94 Alone In The Deep Forest


Alone In The Deep Forest

Alone by an imaginary fire, I talk to the world
through my phone line and my credit card
Sharing fleeting moments with strangers, placing trust
in their unseen hands

They come, they go, I wait.

My heart feels true, my defects hover near
I bat them away like airborne insects that
Feed on my proximity
They have no place here
Can you hear the fear in my voice?

I am not the sum of my paychecks…
I am not the sum of any equation
I am the sum of my experience, my soul’s inner
coding, my warmth and icy cold
This sum is never really totaled; it was and is now
The previous does not match the current
The current is not what it seems

I follow the current, it carries me forward, down
This is a new pad of paper for me, with no smell, no
texture, a bird singing to an empty forest…

Hold me close, the winds will come and carry my song
across the wires
I am home, I am not with you, I am elsewhere
I am never alone
The fire burns ever lower
The glow of it’s fuel wants to leave me in a black
Warm, lonely, full of questions
That is where I am, this is where I’ll be
The Forest remains as I depart.