airborne over Texas/New Mexico

The book is read, the seat stiff
Sleep avoids me like a delinquent tenant
I fear I have far too much to say
As I have not been letting my thoughts out
To clutter paper and free space in my mind

I am compelled to stare in wonder at the matte painting below
I so much want to know where Iím over
The man made shapes obvious, nature avoids straight lines
Preferring stains and swollen scars, gouges and sculpted paths
I find myself repeating a phrase over and over to myself
As it is a remnant of my wasted public schooling
I wonít write it as I will spell it incorrectly
The result of the† long phrase spoken from the mouth
Of the Mississippi
Silt from Minnesota finds a new home
And thanks to architecture, relativity and geography
The Crescent City can be identified and enjoyed
Further west is so much more, vast spaces
Desert and hill, mesa courting snow
How could I be paid to travel these little roads?
Iíve been around, but city and town, Interstate
Not these grooves skirting agricultural pie charts
And bisecting waterless washes and dead end canyons
I feel compelled today, to be down there and see the end of the road
from ground level
Not to run from the blessed life I have been bestowed
Or to escape the grids of adult life
But to augment it and grant it even more perspective
I am not an adventurer, not by action anyway
But an unwanted window seat has brought me here today
To this thought and to this place
And I wonder if Iíll ever do anything about it.