Sao Paulo

Somewhere in my blood
Is a wish quietly spoken
“May I live and die romantic…”

Further analysis finds only associations rather than answers
To a questions held un-spent

South- of Spain, of the border, of the sun, of Northern writers, of my flesh,                            of reason, of midnight, the cooling stars, of her hips, of Egremont, of                        love

Love- unfound, lost, shared, felt, somewhat felt, unreturned, offered,                   refused, forgotten, remembered, mis-interpreted, learned,                          programmed, offered again, flaunted, screamed, whispered,                       cursed, hidden, mis-spent, faked, denied, produced, grown,                   discovered, spoken, written

Words- read, stolen,  borrowed, tripped over, seen, had delivered by the                        hand of God, missing, spat, scribbled, typed, found while looking                     for others, repeated, repeated, dreamed, slept on, given away,                      bled, punned, mis-spelt, hidden

It’s in there somewhere. I hope it stays.