7-31-96 homeless

Cast adrift
The coastal currents push me further along
And not a sea breeze in sight
I feel strangely harmed
By the decisions I’ve made
So I cling to faith
Eyes on the momentary event horizon
Where is my home?

A question asked, so many, so long, so few
This disgusting trap I’ve laid, nested in, fouled

(you may not be able to tell, but I’m clinging to a good attitude and a huge
chunk of hope blackened by fear)

It may surprise you to find this man
Who’s never home uncomfortable hopping place to place
What’s different is the having, the knowing
The hole to crawl into
I feel empty and imposing, an abandoned building
And then quiet.

Realizing that it is an illusion
That someone who spends so much time
Living inside my head
That I’ll never really be homeless,
Not really.