10-17-06 Malaga


At once the hills pulled down to the sea
No gloss apparent
The ocean cool and quiet
Around the city we skirted to the East,
Away from the center
Towards a starting point
And a destination
Steep steps and vaulted low ceilings
Living in the attic again
The date palm stands guard over our room

We descended to the ground level and then to the sea
Gray stone and gentle surf
The business of ships on the horizon
Walking along the strand
Thin cats with fast reflexes ran along the sea wall
The fishing boats pulled aground for the day
Cleaned and covered like sleeping soldiers
The sun falling but the evening not yet begun
By the cooks and the fire makers
Their grills cold and filled with ash

Old couple moving at their rate
Young couples either faster or not at all
The lights along the Pedragal ease on
As night takes the view away
Conversations over cigarettes and beer
They have none of the hurry and exhaustion
We brought with us
The acclimated rise, work, rest, work, rest, eat, play, sleep