Santa Fe, NM


On the day I met you
I wept silent tears of massive joy
Beneath the fierce warrior clouds
In Santa Fe’s skies
I felt love for your mother and father
And the involuntary heat of your body
As you breathed the warmth of summer

That day your head fit in my hand
The families fine hair between us
I was as awkward as all single men
And your mother gasped as I shifted my hands
Your eyes began to close one at a time
The right one keeping watch on the new stranger
Your fathers on a lifelong friend
From across the sticky airless room

In your pure crystal blue eyes
I saw that you had seen God more recently
Than any of us older mortals
His reflection touched me
Gently to the core
You carried what has slowly slipped away
That which we fight bloodily to regain

Sleep came restlessly behind your eyelids
What could have troubled you?
Perhaps that power’s vision began to fade
Or the future was all too clear
Could be the heat pulled comfort’s hold free
Or the tremble in my hands

No matter, little miracle
Rest now before life tires you
In a way that sleep will not correct
Grow strong and happy
Know your fears and face them
Never think you cannot ask me for help