10-30-90 Ghosts

East Coast

A journey without a proper map
Well winged routes reward the traveler
Leaving faulty castles,thin towels hung to dry
Switchless options in a veil of gravel.
Choosing jagged paths to the old same place
A million ghosts,well,maybe thousands,along
Roads and stonewalls,
Saltboxes and fauna;
So sure of my destination,the how not my concern.
Water often laughed at,looking strong and ego-less
I’ve been where it’s going,I know where it’s been
A tightening of the scalp,autumn orange falling free
No longer angry you missed the peak of the season;
Too scared for that now.

Agendas hidden and hopeful
Solar white sees none of that
Shaping the molten edge of an aquatic silver bar
For as long as the sun keeps the angle
Explorers all we are
I’m blessed with roadsigns new and old
Human sometimes
Do I know you as well as you think you know me?

Precipitating change,memories of secrets
Mine and others,views that tears understand
I try to be there for you,knowing,unknowing
Not knowing,but understanding more than there’s credit for
No time to keep score(we don’t do that no more)

Someone sings e.e. cummings
everything i see is lower case today besides God
My God,how the sound of water calms my soul
For a moment my heart races,my spirit eddies and soars
The ghosts smile from behind the stone walls
They’re not leaving
Glad to see me
Frightened of pain they were,like myself.

Three canine greetings bring a smile to my face
Four covered bridges welcomed me and sent me on my way
Modern day sailing men,ports inland and not
I ride the seas to escape myself,find myself again
My journey full circle,
Ashes to ashes,
May peace be with us all.