You were not the first
Who caught my eye
But you were the last
And when you spoke to me
I was amazed
The more I found out
Increased the mystery
Perhaps my tools are worthless
From the lake of use
My friends asked me what you wore
And I couldn’t answer
Because I was busy
Swimming in your eyes
And standing below your smile
You asked questions that made sense
I answered with diplomatic honesty
Afraid to push, unable to pull
You were provided by God
Perhaps this is all I will know
of you
I hope not
For the breath of your shadow
Has crossed my distant path.
I may study my steps too closely now
And create my own clues
But I will not soon forget
The silhouette’s sigh in Roppongi…
Be well.
Your existence gives me great pleasure
Amongst the rain of a thousand tomorrow’s
I’m just a grateful fool without an umbrella.