10-26-96 best friend

coach heading east

And I wonder why I think of you
As I kneel in a broken beer bottle
And I think I hear your voice behind me
In a place you’ve never been
Did you exhale a cloud of smoke real fast
In a room where it wouldn’t be noticed?
You couldn’t have brushed my side today
While I turned and asked for help
I thought I saw you shake your head
At how young and stupid they were
There’s no room for your knapsack
In my bunk or anywhere else
Yet you are with me in my travels
Part of the equation
Everything and mystery, Phoenix over dodo
I pause to realize that I haven’t seen
Your extraordinary smile for a while
A hundred feelings rattle by
And I want you even more
And you wonder why I think of you
At 68 miles an hour as the nighttime tries to end.