the questioning heart

San Diego

Slow Brewing Words
Instigated by others afflicted
By the gift, the one that sets us apart and together,
Solitude like air, needed to breathe and fuel for the fire

A sigh for relief, a salute, a prayer, praise
The room to breathe makes it possible to hear the space
Between the notes
The connection, the phrasing of spirit
Jumbled flavor light and shadow, the bright attack of a note
Stops all observation, yes, yes,
The connection between passions, sound and words,
The art of a life, imperfect, human,
The way to feel the divine
Not through perfection but the touch of fingers that often fail
But also find the sky.

I wonder what the trick is to using this repaired heart,
The same one that cared and broke and ached
Through the other seasons, the same one that slowed
And nearly failed because I didn