12-14-96 aching deck scribble


aching deck scribble

Just another person scratching on a pad
But the pain makes the vision clearer
And dulls the power of adjectives

I feel the comfort of home slipping away
A string in the paws of a playing cat
Leaving only when other’s needs pull me out
Late, but within the realm of possibility

December and another motivational problem
Not a surprise, but a conveniently forgotten thought
Of previous years, a paralysis delivered
Like a season, an early Christmas card

Impatient the pain folds me in half
A favor for a seldom seen friend backfires
And brings me to the game at half steam
What of the holidays? Dragged limbs existed
Before the twinge, a prayer for care challenges
Selfishness, sloth, fear…

The sun too low for the umbrella to shade
Soon darkness, another day lost
Perhaps spent in a spirit of non-saturation
The page nearly full, the exercise completed
Creative without creation, just senses passively
Reporting this day.