10-9-98 #2

Tokyo, Japan

As I look at the world looking
At the fiasco running across the country
Like some mutant kudzu vine
The fascination of a car wreck
Schaudinfreude soundbites, a king dragged
Up and down the street, seen with
Hate and disappointment, judgment from all
Angles, the farther the fall, the more attention
Created, what is right or wrong, is it really at issue here,
Do we need this to feel better about ourselves or deserve it
For the pride and ego we have flaunted for so long,
It brings discussion and for me,
A sadness in myself and for what we have become.

For what is he, a man, not a god, not perfect, just a man…
We will all answer for our actions, we will all pay for our
Mistakes, Some will find forgiveness and clarity and others
Will dwell in the shame after, the hubris unforgiving,
The notes sad but honest.

Do we truly want perfection, a lack of human quality, for with the gift
Of human kindness we will find frailty and pettiness, selfishness and
The need for attention and validation, for the gift
Of empathy and understanding we will get mistakes, perhaps
An apology and then again we may receive a stubborn denial
And indignation, for self and pride can puff up the feathers of most of us
Simple birds, the honesty can come hard as it can used against you,
Used to hurt and judge you by your peers;
You can lose everything for one mistake and lose it for a thousand as well.

We must choose wisely in our own lives and in our society,
We will err and stumble but we can learn and be forgiven.

I pledge to